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CJ's Maze Escape is a NES styled adventure game developed with some tools used for NES homebrews for accuracy of the system's restrictions.


You play as a polar bear named "CJ", a rather, not so smart resident from the city of Bearland. During an ordinary day, you were suddenly captured and taken to a deep maze. This is the work of The Ninja Bears from Ninja Power, an evil organization with the purpose of destroying Bearland. Now you must escape from the maze and stop the Ninja Bears from doing their evil plans. Along your travels in the mazes, you'll find coins scattered, switches to interact and chests to open. Watch out for the Ninja Bears patrolling the maze as well and some are stronger than you think! You can only make a few mistakes before having to start over.

This game is played with a keyboard.

  • Escape Key - Quits the game.
  • F4 Key - Switches the game's window between fullscreen or window mode. (Title Screen only)
  • Arrow Keys - Moves CJ.
  • Z Key - Opens chests and activates switches.
  • X Key - Speeds up dialog and cutscenes in the game.
  • Enter Key - Pauses the game.


© Famicuber 2016-2020
CJ and other characters are creations of HotelBrando

All rights reserved.


CJsMazeEscape.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

The .zip file contains the game itself as an executable and a README file containing extra instructions. No installation is required.


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This Game is Fun!

theres some stuff you need to add

1. pressable portal -  i was trying to grab the cj coins when i got too close i forgot get all of them

2. speed - cj feels slow can we add like an run button so he can run?

3. difficuly - this game feels to easy its need to have difficuly.

overall this game is fun 
i give it an 8/10 pixel art very nice