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Bouncy Brisbane is another one of those demoscenes on the NES, the type of genre originally populated on home computers like the C64 and Amiga, featuring the classic scrolling text, greetings and tricky to pull special effects.

As the name applies, the raster demo shows off the smooth, bouncy raster effect of the capital city of Queensland with the bouncing letter sprites going around it, along with the usual tropes of a demoscene program (albeit, simplistic).

This was a minor side project that was being worked on just before temporarily moving out of state, testing out a variety of things I've been wanting to do for quite some time.

Along with the effects and scrolling text, the demo also features an original, bouncy song and support for NTSC and PAL to display the raster effect and the music's speed and pitch correctly.


A big special thanks to Fiskbit and Stefan Trifunović for testing the demo ROM on hardware since I didn't have access to my NES and Famicom from currently living out of state.

A big thanks to Vectrex28 as well for giving me tips on achieving the raster effect you see in the demo.


Programming, Graphics and Music are done by Famicuber.


bouncybrisbane.nes (NES ROM) 32 kB

Install instructions

To run the ROM, you'll need an NES emulator. MESEN is the recommended emulator of choice if you haven't got one. This ROM can also be run on actual console as well via. a flashcart of choice.

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